Do you teach in-home lessons?

Yes! Lessons take place at the student’s home. To provide the best possible studio atmosphere, it is asked that lessons take place somewhere quiet in the home where the student will not be disturbed by siblings, pets, etc. Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons if they choose. However, since all lessons are taught in-home, availability for new students to join will depend on the home address and day/time of the week.

What type of instrument do we need to have at home?

Pianos or electric keyboards are required for all students taking lessons. Keyboards should have 88 keys, a damper (sustain) pedal, and weighted keys that have the capability to be played loudly and quietly. Acoustic pianos (with strings) should be tuned every 6 – 12 months.

How much should I practice?

Students who practice daily make faster progress than students who only play a few times a week or less. It is suggested that students practice every day for as long as their lesson usually is. For example, if a student takes 30-minute lessons, he or she should be practicing 30 minutes daily. Students taking 60-minute lessons should practice 60 minutes a day.

What’s your teaching style?

Each student will respond differently to any particular teaching style. Students who respond well to one kind of instruction may not adapt as quickly to a different method. Lessons will usually include a combination of new music, practicing proper technique, composition, ear training, sight reading, and other skills, depending on the student’s unique needs. Instruction is always grounded in pedagogy, yet flexible enough to allow for adaptability.

Do you host recitals?

Yes! Recitals happen twice a year. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in studio recitals. When students are required to memorize a song for performance in front of an audience, they learn the piece in a deeper way than by just playing for themselves at home. Beyond music, recitals are a fantastic opportunity to practice life skills such as public speaking and collaboration with other artists.

How do we get new books for the student?

New books will be provided at the lesson and added to the tuition at the end of the month.

How is tuition billed?

Tuition is paid monthly at the final lesson of the month. This gives parents and students the flexibility of cancelling a lesson if a conflict (like vacation) is in the future. However, cancellations within 24 hours of a lesson for non-emergencies will be billed in full. Tuition is accepted by cash, check, Zelle, or Venmo.

Do you teach in the summer?

Yes! Since students tend to travel more in the summer, parents and students have the option of deciding when they would like to have lessons in the summer.

What’s the Durham Music Teachers Association?

DMTA is an organization of music teachers in Durham, NC designed to foster professional networking and performance opportunities for students from different studios. With the studio’s involvement in the organization, students are able to participate in other community events, such as Play-a-thons and the NC Performance Festival.